What We Do

Relentless drive

Whether it’s frac sand, specialized industrial sand for manufacturing or industrial uses, or recreation products – what we do may change, but how we do it always stays the same. No matter the parameters, our team’s confidence, expertise, and drive make the product and logistics quality a given.

Capacity? 3 Million Tonnes of It

Sil has North America’s most diverse product offering in industrial sands.

Supplying all frac sand gradations from 8/12 to 100 mesh, we have what you need for the large energy projects today with their high daily demands.
And with the most expansive logistics network in Canada, you are well cared for. What you want… When you want it… Where you want it…
The quantity you need. Every time.

Fortitude? Over 50 Years of Reserves

Even with 45 years behind us, we have a long way to go with over 50 years of reserves remaining.
Market Segments

  • Frac Sand
  • Industrial Sands
  • Abrasives
  • Recreation Sands

Unwavering quality

Supply and logistics—our integrated services ensure you’re getting the most efficient and effective solutions together with the highest quality and service. Get ready for the premier experience.

Community Support

Our communities are simply better when they’re united, healthy, and vibrant. That’s why Sil supports local organizations and has a corporate social commitment to charities that support community progress.

Protecting our own (Safety)

Safety is at the forefront of Sil. It’s the backbone of any successful business. This is our guarantee, one that has been echoed since we first opened our doors. Today, we continue to make safety a principle and a true pillar of our culture.

It’s our belief that every worker has the right to a healthy work environment. From our frontline workers to our management staff, we empower each employee to protect the health and safety of their team and community.

Sil’s safety training is focused on the continuous improvement of our workforce.

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