Who We Are

We’re ready

At Sil, our impressive logistic footprint, distinctive experience and exemplary commitment to service allows us to stand out above the rest. Coupled with a consistent drive and fearless personnel, we are proud to deliver a customer experience that seems impossible. Whatever the project calls for, we’re ready. We are determined to challenge convention, and for the past 45 years, we’ve done just that.

Experience? More than 45 Years of it

Since 1971, Sil has created a business of diverse business lines to assist the energy, industrial, and recreation markets in Canada. Leveraging our knowledge, experience, and ambition, we’ve formed strong partnerships and diverse product offerings, becoming Canada’s largest frac sand and industrial sand producer.

Core Values

Sil’s Core Values define our organization culture and the way we do business every day, setting us apart from our competition. Our core values drive our success and performance to benefit our employees, customers, and suppliers.

  • We’re Ready.
  • We Commit. We Deliver. On Time, On Spec.
  • We Do What We Say. The Right Thing. The Right Way.
  • We Initiate Change. Better Every Day.
  • We Are a Team. We’re In This Together.

Unmatched expertise

United by their passion to push boundaries, our leadership team is consistent in delivering exceptional results. Coupled with the industry’s leading experience, they inspire our team to tackle each project with a strong sense of commitment to quality. There’s a reason why we’ve grown into Canada’s most trusted industrial sand supplier—leadership through experience is the foundation of our success.

Dennis O’Rourke – Chairman

Dennis purchased Sil Industrial Minerals in 2004 after identifying an opportunity to expand his expertise and promote the use of Alberta’s natural resources. Dennis’s passion for Alberta and its resources started when founding the Sureway Construction Group Ltd. in 1973, which he grew into one of Western Canada’s leading construction groups.

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Dennis is known among his peers as a pioneer, innovator, and risk taker who thrives on challenges. He has consistently shaped a competitive edge for his corporations by securing the latest, largest, and most productive assets in the industry.

Known to be a generous corporate and community citizen, Dennis prefers to keep a low profile while donating both time and money to numerous educational and charitable organizations and causes. These include the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Notre Dame College, The Alberta Heart Institute, the University Hospital Foundation, STARS, CNIB, University of Alberta, Capital Care Foundation, Kids for Cancer, YMCA, and many others.

Marlea Sleeman – President, Sil Industrial Materials

Marlea has been with Sil since it was acquired in 2004, and with the related corporate group for over 25 years, and her energy and commitment to quality have been steadfast through her whole career. Over the years, Marlea has honed her skills in many company departments, including finance, asset planning, estimating, project management, process technology design and implementation, logistics, and product line development.

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Her ambition and strategic mindset earned her an executive role at Sil Industrial Minerals. Marlea is a dedicated member at a number of industry associations, including the National Industrial Sand Association (NISA), Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG), Urban Development Institute (UDI) Edmonton, Alberta Sand and Gravel Association (ASGA), and Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ASGA). She volunteers on the National Industrial Sand Association’s (NISA) Executive of the Board of Directors, as well as the board of Alberta Enterprise Group.

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